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How to Do 90 Minutes of Work in 60 Minutes

The idea sounds crazy, completing 90 minutes of work in just 60, but with ITS' solutions, you can do just that. You will be more efficient, your clients will be pleased because you are providing them with more effective legal service while reducing the time spent on any particular project.

How can ITS accomplish this? First, think of how much time you spend looking for files, searching for papers, and just scrambling to get the information you need. ITS helps you cut through the clutter and creates a custom plan for reducing this wasted energy. We offer scanning and cutting edge electronic storage solutions designed to place all the information you need at your fingertips (really at your keyboard). Do you really need hard copies of every record and every document? Or, do you only need copies of some, while the others are mostly irrelevant? ITS tailors solutions to address this common problem.

In addition, ITS can suggest other ways to improve your office. Perhaps you are under-utilizing or do not even have case management software. If so, ITS will either work with your current vendor and you to improve you and your office's efficiency, or ITS will recommend case management solutions that work for your size firm and your type of practice. No other company provides the range of case management software options available only through ITS.

Or, are you a litigator who still relies on legal pads, paper transcripts, and old fashioned case summaries (prepared on paper, or in Word or WordPerfect). If so, ITS offers the only attorney in the country certified to support and train easy-to-use cutting edge products like TextMap and CaseMap.

Or, perhaps your office needs help becoming more efficient Internet users. ITS provides Internet training designed by and for lawyers, training that will assist everyone in your office.

When you combine all of these solutions, which ITS can provide in one simple report, the ITS Workflow Analysis, you will discover how much more you can accomplish in significantly less time.

If you want to save time while improving your efficiency, call (610) 446-3467 or click here to send an email.



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