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Walz Certified Mail Solutions

Everyone hates filling out certified mail forms. But you don't have to do it anymore. Just use CertifiedPro.Net, a web-based Certified Mail™ management solution designed specifically for use at the desktop level. Each user receives universal desktop access from anywhere in the world through CertifiedPro.Net.

With a registered CertifiedPro.Net account, users gain immediate access to many features and benefits including: Automated Certified Mail™ Processing Tracking Return Processing Return Receipt Electronic Return Receipt — Green Card or Electronic WALZ CertifiedPro™ provides the option to send Certified Mail™ with or without Return Receipt service.

If selected, choose to have the Return Receipts delivered either traditionally ("Green Card") or electronically (RRE). With Return Receipt Electronic (RRE), the recipient's signature is collected and stored digitally. Print the digital receipt when needed, and access it anytime for up to seven years directly from CertifiedPro.Net.

RRE for Certified Mail™ is USPS®-approved and costs $1.10, which is $1.20 less per mail piece than traditional hardcopy "Green Card" receipts. Tracking Features WALZ CertifiedPro™ software allows tracking of the piece through the mail stream giving access to all lifecycle data and Return Receipt signatures online in batch or transactional format.

WALZ CertifiedPro™ provides 24/7/365 access to each Certified Mail™ piece. Search by numerous reference number criteria such as case matter, account, or loan to quickly view tracking information from a single screen on the desktop. Additionally, receive a fully automatic email detailing delivery confirmation information. If Return Receipt Electronic service is selected, receive a separate email notification that an RRE signature record is available for retrieval via CertifiedPro.Net.

Our law firm, the Law Offices of Daniel J. Siegel, LLC, has used CertifedMail software for years, and recommends it for you. For more information about Walz Certified Mail solutions, call (610) 446-3467 or click here to send an email.


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