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Worldox: Powerful Document Management
Without Complexity or High Cost

Dan Siegel is a Certified Worldox trainer and reseller, who understands that lawyers and their staffs need user-friendly methods to manage the flood of documents in their cases. Proven in more than 3,500 organizations, Worldox is comprehensive, sensible document management for the real world, the easiest, fastest way to give your people the information they need to win!

WorldoxWorldox® is a comprehensive Document Management Solution that organizes, controls, describes, indexes, and categorizes e-mail content and electronic documents. Worldox, which has the broadest installed base of any document management system, integrates directly with major Office suites, e-mail systems, law practice systems, and major scanning hardware/software, creating a natural workflow for users. Worldox offers users an attractive, easy-to-use interface and a host of shortcuts and convenience features to speed profiling (cataloging of documents), super-charge document access, and a world-class Search capability.

By helping users to manage vast stores of intellectual capital, Worldox enhances efficiency, focus, and effectiveness throughout the organization. Using Worldox, these organizations can…

  • Collaborate more effectively as teams, whether they’re supporting the same client, addressing the same matter, or participating in the same project
  • Respond more rapidly and effectively to questions, problems, and new business opportunities
  • Systematically reduce costs, by eliminating the costs of searching for (or recreating) content
  • More fully leverage existing information they’ve already paid to create
  • Bring order, clarity, and consistency to the generation and organization of intellectual property

Worldox gives your people a single, easy-to-use interface for finding exactly the information they need… viewing and reviewing that information… and taking effective action.

Document management without the hidden costs and complexity

For over 27 years, the same philosophy has driven Worldox development: deliver document management that solves real customer problems easily and cost-effectively, using proven technology that works.

The result is a system that delivers all the capabilities you need, but costs less from acquisition and deployment through administration and upgrades. This is document management without the hidden costs:

  • You do not have to install a separate enterprise database: Worldox provides all that functionality, built-in.
  • Worldox easily integrates with Legal Files and Time Matters, as well as many other case management programs (and we can assist you regardless of which case management program you use).
  • You do not have to train your people on complex, confusing interfaces: Worldox is easy, builds on what they already know, and is packed with features to make it faster and more efficient.
  • Budgeting for upgrades: In recent years, Worldox customers with active maintenance contracts have been eligible for even our most significant product upgrades, free of charge

To learn more about Worldox, to arrange training, or to purchase new or additional licenses, contact ITS at (610) 446-3467 or click here to send an email.



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